“Those who knew Boaz even a little would know that his covenant God must be a God of tenderness and compassion, of great sweetness and gentleness in his righteous dealings with his children. We cannot hide what we really believe God is like. Our personal disposition is an unending expression of our understanding of and trust in his character. How we live, how we respond to challenges, crises and trials, reveals what we really believe about God, what we really think ‘deep down’ about him.” Ferguson



The Bible Project put together this visual storytelling of the book of Ruth. Check it out! If you're interested in their other animated resources, visit the Bible Project website.


“We who live in the New Testament era should see the constant faithfulness and glorious grace of this God even more clearly than Naomi did. In the Scriptures, we have written down for us the rich history of God’s long-suffering with his rebellious children. We know more fully that the Father stands with open arms and open heart, scanning the horizon for the returning prodigal, eager to welcome her home. He doesn’t just allow us grudging admission to glean in his field; he invites us to his table to partake in his feast.”
--Ian Duguid