On the Contrary

To our shame we have sometimes thought of God as a hard man. Is He hard? On the contrary. He has poured His love into your heart. Put everything else into it's proper perspective in the context of this amazing outpouring on Calvary. He's given you everything He has. He's given you His Son on Calvary, and He's given you His Spirit with His love. And yet we can easily be taken up with that notion that He doesn't really love us. But you need to understand that the gospel is not, "God loves you because Christ died for you." That's not the gospel. That's actually almost a contradiction of the gospel. The gospel is, "God loves you, therefore Christ died for you." Jesus Christ did not, on the cross, twist the hand of an unloving Father to love the unlovely. God sent His Son into the world that through Him we might have everlasting life. He SO loved the world that He gave His only Son. -Sinclair Ferguson