Hebrews: Hold Fast to Jesus

Today, we have a real treat!  Emily Anderson attended our Hebrews Bible Study this spring and agreed to share a little about her time there. 

If you have not yet or not recently been touched by the profound truths and hopeful promises of the book of Hebrews, I encourage you to curl up with your Bible and feast on this section of Scripture.

How did I come to discover the priceless wonders contained in this book? It was through our Hebrews study this spring. I don’t know how I went so many years without truly grasping the sweetness of these thirteen chapters, but like in every Sweet Mercies study, the Spirit opened my eyes to this amazing God-breathed letter like never before.

There is something about studying the passages on my own and then coming together as sisters-in-Christ: the impressions the Spirit had given us, the questions that inspired great discussion, and the many “aha! moments”. Each session had me excitedly underlining verses and scribbling notes in the margins of my study guide. I sat with a different group of women for each gathering and was blessed by the unique ways God works in His daughters. There are few things better than meeting on the common ground of the Word.

I often ask myself silly questions like, “If I could only have one book of the Bible to read for the rest of my life, which would it be?” Hands down, mine would be Hebrews! But I wouldn’t have chosen it before this study. I am in awe of the riches of the Gospel in these pages, as well as the encouragement to hold fast to Jesus as an anchor for our souls. In Hebrews, I fell more in love with my Savior. I came to know Him more intimately and majestically all at the same time.

Through this study, I was blown away by how Hebrews effectively spells out not only the Gospel, but the entirety of the Bible, bringing to light the “what” and “why” of Old Testament ways and how it points to Jesus, the true fulfillment of God’s plan for us. I love how the Bible explains itself! It felt like the writer held my hand and walked me though every reason my faith should be planted firmly in the saving work of Jesus, no matter my circumstances.

I pray, dear sisters, that the truths of Hebrews would steady your hearts and strengthen your tired hands to hold fast to the Lover of your souls!

A Little about Emily:
I’m a navy wife and stay-at home-mom of two beautiful kids, Hudson and Aubrey. Since marrying my high school sweetheart eight years ago, we’ve moved seven times and lived in four different states. My days are filled with changing diapers, kissing boo-boos, building Legos, and facing momentous goals like getting breakfast’s dishes cleaned up before lunchtime...or at least dinnertime. :) What do I find relaxing? Curling up with a good book or a lap full of crafting supplies, visiting with friends over coffee, and, strangely enough, folding laundry. :)