Nothing Can Compare!

It is our joy and privilege to introduce you to Vaneetha Rendall, guest speaker for our last Sweet Mercies meeting of the year on August 24th. Some of you may know Vaneetha as Melanie Wasko's dear friend, or you might know her through her popular blog: danceintherain.com. Vaneetha is an accomplished...everything! :) She is a gifted writer whose articles appear on the Desiring God blog, and is a skilled public speaker. We are DELIGHTED to have Vaneetha with us!!

The evening's theme is, "Nothing Can Compare." Scripture tells us that our present sufferings cannot begin to compare with the glory that will be revealed to us. Even while we affirm that truth, we know that the struggles we face are real and that they threaten to destroy our faith if they seem purposeless. In Vaneetha's own life, understanding a fraction of that purpose through various trials has enabled her to draw nearer to God and to see that nothing can compare with the joy of walking with him, even in our darkest days. Vaneetha speaks as one who has seen trouble- the death of an infant son, a husband who abandoned she and two daughters, and the debilitating effects of post-polio syndrome. It will be a blessing to hear testimony about a God who is FAITHFUL to uphold and sustain. Please don't miss being with us!

To whet your appetite and to bless your soul, please read more about/from Vaneetha:

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From our lowest emotional points come our most significant growth. Our greatest dependence on God. Our platform of ministry. It is in these low points that God does His deepest work in us.

Can't wait for August 24th!