It has been a joy to study Romans together! This week we turn to Romans 3 and find "the greatest paragraph ever written." Chapter 3:21-26 begins unpacking what God did to make us "right" before Him. What was required is often referred to as "double imputation." This term describes an exchange whereby our sins are "imputed" or reckoned to Christ who bore them on the cross. The other side of that "double" is that Christ's righteousness is imputed, reckoned to believers whereby they are seen by God as cloaked in the righteousness of Christ. ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE and worthy of MUCH, MUCH rejoicing

Whether you are studying Romans with us or not, you will be blessed to listen to R.C. Sproul unpack the glorious truth of Jesus taking our sin while giving us His righteousness- the great, great exchange!

Warning: it's dated! Click HERE to watch.