John looked into the open vault of heaven and he had time not only to see the horse, but to mark the character of Him that sat upon it. He says that He that sat upon him was called Faithful and True. By this you may know your Lord. He has been a faithful and true Friend to you. 

O soldiers of the cross, when has He ever deceived you? When has He failed you or forgotten you? Faithful? Ah, that He is, faithful to every word that He has spoken. And true? Do you not recognize Him, for is He not the truth—the very truth of God? Has He not kept every promise that He has made you and have you not found His teachings to be everlastingly settled upon divine truthfulness? 

And faithful and true has He been to the great Father. The work He undertook to do He has accomplished. He has in nothing drawn back from the covenant engagements under which He laid Himself of old. He stood as the surety of His people and He has been faithful and true to that smarting suretyship. He came to be the deliverer of His elect and He has worked the deliverance. He has not turned either to the right hand or to the left, but He has been faithful and true to every pledge which He gave to His Father for the deliverance of His chosen. 

Yes, and even His enemies, though they give Him many a black word, cannot say that He is not faithful and true. He has not played false, even to the basest devil in hell, nor has He deceived in any respect the basest man that lives. Nor will He, for when the day comes to keep His word of terror, He will make the penalty tally to every syllable of the threat and mete out vengeance with a line and judgment with a plummet—and even His adversaries, though they shall forever rue the fact—shall confess that His name is Faithful and True. They called Him many ill names when He was here. They said He had a devil and was mad, but now it is acknowledged that His name is Faithful and True. We acknowledge it with intense delight and are glad to think that He leads the troops of heaven to the fight. —Charles Spurgeon