Some people appear to like to have a philanthropic love towards the fallen, but yet they would not touch them with a pair of tongs. They would lift them up if they could, but it must be by some machinery—some sort of contrivance by which they would not degrade themselves or contaminate their own hands. Not so the Savior. Up to the very elbow he seems to thrust that gracious arm of his into the mire, to pull up the lost one out of the horrible pit and out of the miry clay. 
—Charles Spurgeon

Jesus, Friend of Sinners/Casting Crowns
Jesus, Friend of Sinners
Open our eyes to the world.
At the end of our pointing fingers,
Let our hearts be led by mercy.
Help us reach with open hearts and open doors.
Oh Jesus, friend of sinners,
Break our hearts for what breaks Yours. 
You love every lost cause,
You reach for the outcast,
For the leper and the lame.
They're the reason that You came.
Lord, I was that lost cause,
And I was the outcast.
But You died for sinners just like me,
A grateful leper at Your feet.