Did You Know? Interesting Facts about the Book of Mark

Here are some interesting facts about the book of Mark:

  • Among the four gospels, Mark’s was the most neglected by the early church. No commentary was written on it until the sixth century! The early church father, Augustine, considered Mark to be a mere abbreviation of Matthew and Luke. 

  • Today, a significant majority of scholars consider it to have been the first gospel written and a primary source for both Matthew and Luke. Mark contains 661 verses to Matthew’s 1068 and Luke’s 1149. Of those 661 verses, Matthew includes 606 of them (in some variation), while Luke includes 320. There are only 31 of Mark’s verses that do not occur in either Matthew or Luke. (NavPress)
  • Mark contains no genealogy, no birth narrative, and only 2 of Jesus’ long discussions.
  • There are more miracles recorded in Mark than in the other gospels, despite its being much shorter.

  • Mark is written in an energetic style, full of drama, mystery, action, and emotion.

    • Christ is all action in the gospel of Mark! Mark uses the historical present tense 150 times — Jesus comes, Jesus says, Jesus heals. 

    • The word “immediately” occurs some 41 times, conveying a sense of urgency and propelling the story forward.

    • In a similar fashion, Mark makes generous use of the conjunction “and, ” using it to start 12 of his 16 chapters.

    • Mark illustrates the humanness of Jesus more than any of the other gospels, touching on his sorrow (14:34), disappointment (8:12), displeasure (10:14), anger (11:15-17), amazement (6:6), and fatigue (4:38).

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