Facing the Storm

There is beauty to be found in the desperate and many-times-repeated unanswered prayers that have time and again ushered us to His feet. There is beauty to be found in a life poured out in faithfulness and obedience, no matter the circumstance. There is beauty to be found in the unlikely places, but in so many cases, we must be facing the storm to see it. Often, to behold this beauty, to be reminded of God’s promises in such a tangible way, we must turn toward, not away from, the darkness.

The reality of living in a fallen, broken world is that there is always a storm….The world is full of deep suffering that I know nothing of, troubles far beyond my own experience.

You also are likely facing a storm. The divorce you never wanted, the child who walks away from the path on which you tried to lead him, the family member who no longer wants relationship. You have a friend who fears a future of chemo appointments or mental hospitals or insurmountable debt, and the list goes on. It would be tempting to just close our eyes, wouldn’t it?

But there is beauty to behold in the midst of the pain. I believe it. I have seen it. We must steady ourselves against the storms, friend. The temptation may be to look away, but in doing so we might miss the glory, all the beautiful ways He is remaking us through the hard…

God is like that. He uses the hard things to reveal more clearly His great kindness toward us. He always knows what we need before we can even fathom it. Abraham climbs up Mount Moriah with no idea of what God could possibly be orchestrating, why God would ask him to sacrifice his only son, but God uses his faithfulness and obedience to grow his trust and prepare him for future trials. Maybe the hardest things make us the best kind of brave and the best kind of ready for all that God has next. They teach us to lean into Him time and time again because we see that it is true: When we are weak, He is strong.

[But] now I know that the things I never wanted were the very things I needed most. The things that I thought would break me were the things that drove me straight to Him. My anguish and sorrow sent me to the Healer, who would mend all those broken places and put me back together more beautifully than I had imagined. All those cracks and holes and ruptures would be the places in my life where His glory would shine through. Beauty, though not as I expected it, would be found amid the ashes. These would be the places that taught me His heart as He lovingly and tenderly bound them up, and they would make me brave, ready for the next thing. Ready for anything.

Katie Davis Majors, Daring to Hope