Members of a Kingdom Family

“The best commentary on these verses is actually the parable of the prodigal son in Luke 15. There Jesus tells about a young man who takes his entire half of the family inheritance and wastes it and himself in sin, but is accepted back into the family by his loving father. But the prodigal can only come back in and receive clothes, food, and capital out of the elder brother’s wealth, at his expense. In the story, the older brother hates it. But this is Jesus’ way to point out that he is the true elder brother. He willingly brings us into God’s family at his expense. He died for us. He was plundered for us. We sit at the Father’s table dressed in Jesus’ clothes, with His ring on our finger. All through him. We must celebrate and live out the fact that we are members of a kingdom family, and it is all at the expense of our big brother, Jesus Christ.” — Tim Keller