“My experience is that people think that just opening the Bible and putting themselves in front of it means that the Holy Spirit will just drop understanding on them to reward them for having given time to it. And what Jesus is actually setting up here is an understanding of how we ENCOUNTER TRUTH through words. It’s not always immediately evident; that understanding grows over time. You have to know, the disciples remembered these parables later, and understood them at a different level than they did in the moment. So we should expect that when we come to the Bible, we should not put it in a category of discipleship tools that will be intuitive or easy. We should understand that like all areas of following Christ, this, too, will require effort, and patience, and careful thought.” — Jen Wilkin, "What You Talking About, Jesus?"/podcast on parables
What are parables and how should we read them? Listen to this podcast featuring Jen Wilkin at the Village Church. Thanks for the tip, Jenny Dowling Smith!